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How Experienced Realtors Can Help You Sell:

Your Realtor will:

1.    Advertise your property to other Realtors and possible buyers searching the MLS (multiple listing service)

2.    Provide peace of mind as you continue to do the many other things that your life involves. Whether it be looking for a new home to buy, pack, or continue in your daily line of work, your Realtor will take care of all the critical parts that involve selling your home.

3.    Schedule times for showings, open houses, walk throughs, appraisals, etc.

4.    Provide you with information regarding the market, proper pricing, financing, and what other properties that are similar, are for sale as well. (This is good to be aware of for your negotiating purposes. This will either make your property more valuable, or force you to change your "market price". Your Realtor may also provide a time frame in which your house will be sold.

5.   Answer questions that arrive during the selling and closing process. Each potential buyer may have things that they would like inspected, repaired, or adjusted (including the price). Your Realtor will best be able to answer each question and work with you in reaching a reasonable agreement for each question or issue.

6.    Market or advertise your house to the best of their ability using their marketing strategies. Realtors are trained with knowledge in marketing tactics. They also should have a good client base already established, therefore, much of your possible buyers may come your way by word of mouth. Your Realtor will most likely have a website established as well, which means that your listing is probably going to be posted on his/her site.

7.   Evaluate each potential buyer on whether they are qualified or not. When a buyer comes forward with a bid that meets your requirement, your Realtor will begin the process of selling your home. This is not a simple 1-2-3 process, so be aware that it may take longer than you expected.

8.   Draw up a contract for the prospective buyer, as well as negotiate, making offers and counter offers.

9.    Assist you with contingencies based on the contract that was drawn up. This may include repairs, inspections, installation, clean up, etc.

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